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People will buy a complete set of lantern sets, which are mostly used for the decoration of fireplace and living room. Each lantern can be placed with many candles of different height and size inside.

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  • Corner

    I bought these lanterns to put in an old fireplace and they look really good. They are exactly like it is on the picture, no surprises there! Well packaged, no issues on the box nor on the lanterns. Money well spent. If you are looking for lanterns classy and sturdy, get one of these!

  • Fireplace Decoration

    I have been looking for some stylish lanterns to put in my fireplace. These fit perfectly in my fireplace and provide the stylish look I was going for. My only complaint would be the packing.Theyare packed tightly. lt took me 20minutes to carefully unpack them.

  • Living Room Corner

    Can't wait for my candles to arrive. I love the way those lanterns are packaged. The size is perfect and the smallest one is very cute. l'm worried at first cuz this set looks more like be withhouse... but it ended up fitting my apartment perfectly.

Create your own world

Add a touch of elegance to your home or office and give you a great experience. It creates a stylish and elegant look to your room.

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  • Look Amazing!

    Looks very delicate made of very thin metal and batteries would last maybe a day. As stated very pretty but fragile. Part of the tried and true the price is high for the product quality but is a very pretty lamp.

  • Classiest looking small lamps

    Beautiful outdoor light that is battery operated. I am currently using this inside as it goes nicely with my living room decor. Beautiful ambient light producing a nice amount of light. I like that it is very lightweight and that I can use it outside when needed.

  • Really nice little light

    I was in need of a light in an area with no outlet on a coffee table in the middle of the room. This battery powered light provides just the right amount of illumination while being such a clever design. The bulb has tiny LED lights in it - a winner!

  • Memory of someone you loved

    Commemorative lanterns for the dead are a special way to remember the special people we lost or all those who are no longer with us.

  • More lasting than flowers

    A lasting gift that lasts longer than flowers and are the perfect way to commemorate a lost loved one.

  • Create lasting memories of love

    It's hard to lose someone you love. Commemorative lanterns provide a special way to remember those who are no longer with us, but live forever in our hearts.